Technology Partnership

Over the past two years Working Solutions has taken many steps to increase our user experience so that we best serve our target markets, including through better technologies. We have been working to digitize our processes from origination, to underwriting, to closing, and servicing, and even to providing technical assistance.

And while each partnership has its own merit, one partnership in particular with Nova Credit gives us great pride, because it helps us serve a large segment of communities of color – recent immigrants. Nova Credit provides international consumer credit data to lenders in order to better serve clients who lack domestic credit history. This is an important resource for us as we work with more undocumented individuals through loans to ITIN individuals as approved by our Board last year.

Given our scale, this level of transformative technology use is getting us recognized, both by our clients, and also most recently at various conferences. We look forward to continued innovation from our team, our partners, and our community to help us best utilize the tools available to serve our community.