Client Corner: Safari Kid Danville

Please join us in welcoming Safari Kid Danville, one of our newest clients, who recently opened a new franchise center in Danville, California. 

Co-owner Priya Kothari has worked for many years in management positions at other Safari Kid centers and had a dream of one day opening her own franchise center. She faced many challenges in order to get her new space ready for children. Fortunately, Working Solutions was there at the perfect time to lend the necessary funds to make her space perfect for children and realize her business-ownership dreams.

Priya’s Danville center is one of many franchised locations around the Bay Area and internationally. Each Safari Kid center is based on the philosophy that each child is unique. Using neurological research to build their curriculum, they work to identify each child’s areas of strength and develop methods to foster that strength in a positive learning environment. Through their customized practices and personalized learning approach, Safari Kid teachers allow their students to learn naturally at a pace that is comfortable to them.

Safari Kid offers three core programs: preschool, afterschool, and summer camp. 

  • Preschool: combines the ideal social-emotional development, play, skills development, and structured academics to prepare children for kindergarten. 
  • Afterschool: a structured program that creates a solid foundation in academic learning that also fosters extra-curricular interests and skills. 
  • Summer Camp: a balanced program of academics, sports, social-development, and skills building in a fun and nurtured environment. 

Please visit Safari Kid Danville online to learn more or follow them on Facebook!