Working Solutions Welcomes New Team Members

We are growing! We’ve recently hired three new employees: 

Priscilla Jang, Portfolio Management Associate

Fun Facts about Priscilla:

  • Start Date: March 2016
  • Hometown: San Jose, CA
  • Favorite Bay Area Activity: Enjoying great foods and shops at the Ferry Building and San Pedro Square Market.
  • Why I Applied to Working Solutions: I was excited about the opportunity to support the growth and development of local, small businesses.  It has been exciting to see how entrepreneurs are able to access capital through Working Solutions and how they receive business consulting as they create jobs and build strong communities. Also, I love that we have so many food businesses in our portfolio! 

James Lloyd, Marketing & Communications Officer

Fun Facts about James:

  • Start Date: May 2016
  • Hometown: Scranton, PA
  • Favorite Bay Area Activity: Being outside and exploring everywhere I can via transit.
  • Why I Applied to Working Solutions: I was attracted to the organization's mission of helping individuals realize their dreams of starting or expanding their business. I was also really intrigued by the opportunity to build a dedicated marketing and communications department. Working Solutions has a well-respected local brand identity and I’m excited to expand our trusted brand to new audiences in the Bay Area!

John Rodriguez, Program Manager, Keeping Small Business in San Francisco

Fun Facts about John:

  • Start Date: June 2016
  • Hometown: Staten Island, NY
  • Favorite Bay Area Activity: Trying all the local fantastic food.
  • Why I Applied to Working Solutions: I worked in small business services and economic development in New York City, and I wanted to continue my career doing similar work in San Francisco. This program felt like a natural fit for me with an organization whose mission I truly believe in. As an avid pizza fanatic, my ultimate goal will be utilizing our services to support a New York-style pizza business in San Francisco!