Meeting the Winners! Whole Foods at Working Solutions


We were delighted to welcome the winners of Whole Foods' Local Foodmaker Grant Program into our offices for an open house to hear about their experiences! 43 local businesses received over $200,000 in grant money to grow their businesses in some really impactful ways:  

  • Jean from Bubble Farm Soap Co. is renting a retail location to sell her organic soaps and body products
  • Stephanie of Sugarfoot Grits is going to buy a grits-grinder (an invention we did not know existed) so that she can mill her own product
  • Joel & Carleen of Weirauch Farm are buying a dairy truck-- so that they won't have to keep hauling their fresh milk around in cans. 

Working Solutions staff, the grant winners, and Whole Foods staff shared experiences, resources (and locally-produced cheesecake)! Congratulations again to all of the grant recipients!