Working Solutions has developed a partnership with Xero to help Working Solutions clients’ access affordable financial tracking tool.  Research shows that what you track, you can improve on.  Utilizing Xero is one way to track and monitor the progress of your business financial health.

Xero Offer:  Discounted price of $1/month for 12months

*Price readjusts to market rate after one year – currently $30/month


Benefits of Using Xero

Business Health Performance Dashboard

- Unlimited Users

- Integrates with over 700 time-saving tools and software

- Cloud-based: accessible anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone

- No software to download or upgrade

On-Boarding Terms

- Client agree to participate in the offer by agreeing to the terms and condition above.

- Business Consultant will enroll client with basic business contact information

- Administrator privileges and payments responsibilities will be transferred to client

- Client will accept the transfer to keep Working Solutions with View Only access to avoid termination of the discount

- Client completes the full setup (limited pro-bono support and paid resource available)

- Client can cancel at any time. 

Support System

Xero website: Online Resource and email communication - FREE

Working Solutions Financial Systems Advisor – limited pro-bono support for quick questions- PROBONO

ATAX Accounting – Full Setup and Onboarding - DISCOUNTED

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