Share Your Knowledge

 A Working Solutions Small Business Mentor is a subject expert and advisor to our clients, who are Bay Area small business owners. Our mentors do not see mentoring as a consulting opportunity or marketing opportunity. This is truly a chance to give back to the community!

Why do business mentors volunteer their time?

  • Give Back: Entrepreneurs who work with Micro-Mentors grow their revenue by an average of $47,300, or 106%. This 2013 Business Outcomes Report illustrates the impact mentors make in the lives of entrepreneurs.
  •  Develop your skills: Even though mentors come to the relationship with substantial business experience, they frequently develop new skills such as teaching and coaching.
  •  Learn from entrepreneurs: Conversations with entrepreneurs expose mentors to new industries, challenges, experiences, and ideas. Our mentors frequently report that they feel like they get much more than they give.

 Our Mentor Profile

Qualifications and Desired Skills

  • 3 years of business ownership or 5 years of professional experience
  • 1 year of experience coaching or teaching others
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Familiarity with microenterprise development and a passion for helping others succeed

 Volunteer Commitment

  • 3 hours per month, at a schedule to be agreed upon between the mentor and entrepreneur
  • Be responsive to WS team communications
  •  12 month commitment to be involved in the Business Services program

How it Works

Micro-Mentor is our new mentoring platform that allows mentors and entrepreneurs to be matched with each other independently. The platform gives you the flexibility to choose when and where to meet. Most mentors will find that relationships are a mix of in-person and online encounters.

Next Steps:

  1. Create your profile on Micro-Mentor.
  2. Request to join the Working Solutions group as a Mentor.
  3. A member of the Working Solutions’ Business Services Team will reach out to you to schedule a quick Getting-To-Know-You phone call to see if Working Solutions is the right program for you.
  4. When accepted to the group by the administrator:  continue on to complete your Mentor Profile -> search for mentees -> send mentorship offers -> await to hear back (it’s recommended that you wait one week for your request to be accepted before moving on to another entrepreneur)

If you have any questions about mentoring, please contact Lorena at