Whole Foods Small Producer Grant Partnership

We're excited to announce the second year of the Small Producer Grant program, in partnership with Whole Foods! Last year the program distributed over $200,000 to 40 small businesses. Those grantwinners did some pretty incredible things with the money-- from fixing up the truck that they use to make deliveries to finding a new copacker for their jam or putting down a deposit on a brick & mortar location for their store!

The 2015 grantwinners have been announced! Congrats to the winners-- we're looking forward to working with you soon! Everyone else-- get ready to shop on June 10th!


How it works: Small Businesses

Local food or body product makers  in Northern California and Reno  appliedto participate  in the progra  at their local Whole Foods Market locations, and two at each store were selected as finalists. The local community voted for the winner at each store.  Then, on June 10th, Whole Foods' 5% Day, 5% of the sales from the Northern California Whole Food stores will be divided evenly among the grantwinners! 


How it works: Shoppers & Local Food Lovers

Voting is now closed- but there's still an opportunity to get involved!

On June 10th, get out there and shop at your local Whole Foods, knowing 5% of what you spend will go straight to a local producer!