At Working Solutions, its not just about the money-- it's about building lasting relationships.

Learn about two-time Working Solutions loan clients Jen & Serafina's journey to business ownership through their desire to create natural food products for kids.

We get to know all of our clients before and after we fund their loans so that we can develop tailored mentorship and coaching plans for your business's needs.  

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  Agnes & Roberto, our friendly lending team! 

Agnes & Roberto, our friendly lending team! 


  •  Startups & Existing Businesses 
  •  All 9 San Francisco Bay Area Counties
  Taddesse, owner, Oasis Cafe

Taddesse, owner, Oasis Cafe


  •  $5,000-$50,000
  •  Up to 5 year loan terms
  • 9%-11% interest rate


  •  $50 application fee to get the process started 
  •  Loan closing fee applicable after you receive your loan (5% of loan amount) 
  • $5 UCC filing fee
  • That's it-- no other hidden costs. 

We lend in all 9 Bay Area Counties. Map c/o FEMA

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