Business Retention - Overview

Working Solutions offers Business Retention services to help small businesses navigate commercial leasing and government incentive programs to support small business growth in our local communities. 

Who is Eligible?

Does Your Business Need:

How Can We Help?

Our Business Retention services:

  • Real Estate Assistance - Assist your business with site selection, property acquisition, lease negotiation, and relocation to another space  that meets the specific needs of the business within the City of San Francisco

  • Listings - See a list of spaces identified by Working Solutions and our partners and contact us for showings

  • Financing Assistance - Speak with a member of our Business Development team to determine whether your business is eligible for a loan from Working Solutions, or if one of our partners might be better suited to fulfill the financial needs of your business

  • Accessing Incentives - Connect businesses to incentive programs in place to help promote the growth and retention in San Francisco; programs such as SF Shines, the Legacy Business Program, or various other State and Federal incentives programs
  • Navigating Government Agencies - Streamline the process of making direct connections between various San Francisco City agencies and your businesses to help mitigate any issues affecting your business operations 

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